Recognition Fund Award

Proposal form


To allow supervisors and peers at the division, department, unit, and peer to peer level to recognize excellence toward organizational goals and to celebrate individual and group accomplishments and major milestones at the Libraries.


  • Any permanent library employee may submit a proposal. Proposals from departments and units are also welcome.
  • Proposals may fund recognition activities for individuals, teams, or a combination.
  • Proposals must fund activities that recognize significant accomplishments or milestones tied to library goals and objectives.
  • Selected proposals are awarded funds dependent on the budget and the number of proposals received.
  • Proposals are accepted year-round and are reviewed and awarded by the Employee Recognition Committee.


Submissions are reviewed at Employee Recognition Committee meetings, which take place the second Thursday of each month or by committee email.


Below are a sampling of ideas for proposals.  Please note that there are some restrictions imposed by the University regarding the use of recognition funds. Feel free to contact the Employee Recognition Committee with questions.

  • Celebration lunch for unit employees after reaching a productivity goal or completing a major project
  • Peer recognition program administered by a departmental/divisional committee
  • Small acknowledgements for employees who provide excellent service, documented by patron comment cards
  • “Teacher of the Year” award(s)
  • Departmental awards for creative problem solving by an individual or a team
  • Coffee reception to recognize research & publication efforts
  • Purchase and presentation of a frame for a University citation to an individual or group

We suggest that budget requests should be modeled as follows:

  • Holding a congratulations event or end of semester appreciation by providing snacks or hors d’oeuvres or dessert – Cap your requests at $10/person
  • Catering boxed luncheons or a sit-down lunch – $15.00 to $20.00 per attendee but capped at $20.00 per person –
    (In addition, funds can cover a delivery charge)

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