Employee Recognition Committee

On behalf of everyone at the George A. Smathers Libraries, we would like to extend our congratulations to the 2021 Recipients of the Library Employee Excellence Awards See the Write-Ups

We also applaud Rebecca Jefferson for the successful accomplishment of the Price Library’s NEH Challenge Grant! And further congratulations to everyone nominated this year, who earned the esteem and appreciation of their library colleagues for their help to the university community, the general public, and the role of libraries in society.

Award Recipients

Behind the Scenes (Group)

Storage and High Density Facility Unit at ALF/ILF: Clinton Dailey, Dee Hawes, Cindy Mclean, Jared Nash, Coty Collins

Behind the Scenes (Individual)  

Sakuna Saengow

Behind the Scenes (Individual)

Gerald Langford

Customer Service (Group)

Borland Library, Jacksonville – Cynthia Ellison and Garfield Simmons

Customer Service (Individual)

Joe Piazza

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (Group)       

Health Science Center Library Language Inclusivity Sub-Group – Jane Morgan-Daniel, Matthew Daley, Mary Edwards, Lori Eubanks, Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Hannah Norton

Innovation (Individual)

Cliff Richmond

Instruction and Training (Individual)

Neil Weijer

Outreach (Group)

Governor’s House Library, St. Augustine – Laura Marion and Casey Wooster

Special Recognition Award – Price Library Challenge Grant

Rebecca Jefferson


Behind-the -Scenes (Group)

Archive Space: Matt Kruse, John Nemmers, Andy Hunn, Chris Nicolich, Cliff Richmond, and Gus Clifton

Digital Development Team: Dustin Durden, Doug Gordon, Julio Muñoz, and Cliff Richmond

Marston Safety Protocols Team: Michelle Nolan, Melody Royster, and Jean Bossart

Storage and HDF Unit at ALF/ILF: Clinton Dailey, Dee Hawes, Cindy Mclean, Jared Nash, and Coty Collins

Misty Colson and Lela Johnson

Behind-the-Scenes (Individual)

Gerald Langford

Sakuna Saengow

Jody Hewitt

Joe Piazza

Erin Gallagher

Matt Kruse

Mary Edwards

Customer Service (Individual and Group)

Special & Area Studies Collections Public Services: Michele Wilbanks and Steve Hersh

Cynthia Ellison and Garfield Simmons

Web Team: Gus Clifton, Matthew Daley, and Will Chaney

Public Services: Thiago de Andrade, Keith Manuel, Jennifer Farrington, Paul Kirk, and Meredith Kite

Todd Digby

Joe Piazza

Sakuna Saengow

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Individual and Group)

Live Captioning Work Group: Kestrel Ward and Twanna Hodge leading, Lisa Campbell, and Keith Manuel; Matthew Daley and Nancy Schaefer, contributing

DEI Finding Aid Revision Working Group:  Nelissa Caraballo, Steve Hersh, and Matt Kruse

Bonnie Smith, Tina Litchfield, Joe Piazza, and Juliana Rojas

HSCL – Language Inclusivity Sub-groups: Jane Morgan-Daniel, Matthew Daley, Mary Edwards, Lori Eubanks, Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, and Hannah Norton

Randall Renner

Matt Kruse

Ginessa Mahar


Cliff Richmond

Neil Weijer

Instruction and Training (Individual and Group)

Sakuna Saengow and Christy Shorey

Library Training Program Staff: Cynthia Digby and Juliana Rojas

Nancy Schaefer, Maggie Ansell, Mary Edwards, Jane Morgan-Daniel, Michele Tennant, and Hannah Norton

Christine Yip

Perry Collins

Christy Shorey

Jason Heckathorn, Angela Gaines, and Enrico Gumbayan

Neil Weijer

Outreach (Individual and Group)

Tara Cataldo, Vanessa Jewett, Sarah Prentice, Melody Royster, Suzanne Stapleton, and Barrett Uhler

Governor’s House Library – Laura Marion and Casey Wooster

Chloe Hough & Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

Katiana Bague

Chelsea Johnston

Also Join Us In Recognizing All Nominees and Recipients of Previous Years


Establish an ongoing and responsive staff recognition program that is effective and meaningful to Smathers employees and creates direct correlation between the Libraries’ values and goals and what it recognizes and rewards; Collect and solicit from individuals and departments throughout the Libraries individual and departmental achievements and milestones; Coordinate the staff recognition opportunities available through the work of the Holidays Party Planning Committee, the Convocation Planning Committee, and the Staff Picnic Planning Committee; Encourage opportunities for staff recognition through other library programs, including Public Information and Staff Development; Build and ensure a committee membership that reflects library wide participation; Seek means of funding recognition programs and awards

Current Committee Members:

  • Raimonda Margjoni (June 30, 2022)
  • Angelibel Soto (June 30, 2022)
  • James Cusick (2020-2021 Chair) (June 30, 2023)
  • Jeremiah Carlson (June 30, 2023)
  • Todd Digby (June 30, 2023)
  • Tabatha Pursley (June 30, 2023)
  • Christine Driver Yip (June 30, 2024)
  • Leonardo (Jun) Tolentino (June 30, 2024)
  • John Seay (June 30, 2024)
  • Carrie Adams (June 30, 2024)
  • Mari Meke (June 30, 2024)
  • Barbara Hood (ex officio)


Request funding to acknowledge and congratulate a team, group or individual for their accomplishment, major milestone or excellence toward organizational goals.

Library Employee Excellence Awards
Awarded annually at the Convocation – nominations open each summer for several weeks – and awards are made in a number of categories.


Learn about hosting and funding a retirement event for a colleague

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