Retirements provide a wonderful opportunity to recognize employees who have contributed many years of service to the Libraries. Below is a list of tips for department chairs and others responsible for organizing a retirement celebration.

  • Please notify the Employee Recognition Committee at the beginning of your planning process. The Libraries can provide $350 toward a retirement party and a gift for the retiree. No more than $100 of the $350 can be spent on the gift. Total allocation is $350 and the Libraries cannot reimburse above this amount.  If $350 is deemed insufficient, please consider taking up a collection for a gift.
  • The Libraries follow University guidelines for reimbursement of expenses. When planning a retirement event, you should check with Fiscal Services about procedures for getting reimbursed and for allowable expenses. Things to ask about include – payment of sales tax, amount permitted per person for a lunch or dinner, reimbursement for tipping, use of P-cards versus other forms of payment.  Fiscal Services can help clarify what gets reimbursed and how to submit for reimbursement. If more than one person is purchasing for the event, be sure to communicate and coordinate expenses.
  • In your planning, you may also wish to consider honors for a retiree. Department chairs or division directors should be involved in making submissions for Meritorious Service Award, Presidential Medallion or University Medallion.

Librarian Emeritus status: To request Librarian Emeritus status for a retiree, please consult with your department chair.

Scheduling and Holding a Retirement Party

  • Choose a time and place that does not conflict with another major event. Check the Libraries’ home page and the Libraries Training Calendar  to see the dates for upcoming events, seminars, training, etc.
  • Reserve the room for your event through your Outlook calendar.
  • When you send invitations, remember there are retirees who might like to join the festivities and see old friends. Contact the Administration Office to get emails or addresses for retirees.
  • Party equipment (e.g., drink dispensers) is available for your use. Coordinate with the Employee Recognition Committee.
  • The Employee Recognition Committee maintains a supply of paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, utensils) for retirement parties. Contact the committee to arrange for pick-up.
  • If you are self-catering an event with food from Publix, please work with a library employee who has permission to use a UF Publix account for your purchases. Remember also that the University expects us to buy and serve Pepsi products and beverages for library events.
  • If you are catering an event, please use a UF Approved Caterer. You should make your arrangements using a Purchase Order and Grover Ticket.
  • If you are taking people out for a lunch, check first with Administration or Fiscal Services about getting and submitting a receipt.
  • If you are using part of the allowed $350 towards purchase of a gift, be aware that library funds cannot be used to purchase gift cards and that purchases should be tax exempt. Using a Purchasing Grover is preferred
  • The retiree gift is determined by the department. Cash gifts, including gift cards, are not reimbursable.
  • Adding a personal touch is always a hit for retirements – consider the following ideas: a memory book for guests to sign, a slide show or photo album, a framed photo of the department.

Submitting for Reimbursement of Expenses: