Professional Development Travel Committee

The professional development travel funds are given for faculty and staff to travel to professional conferences, workshops, symposia, and research. The funds are allocated by the Professional Development Travel Committee and reimbursement is managed by the Libraries’ Fiscal Services department.

The University of Florida operates upon a reimbursement system unless your travel is specifically designated as official university business.

The George A. Smathers Libraries uses the official University of Florida travel policies as determined by UF’s Finance and Accounting. More information can be found at:

PDTC Committee Vision

The Professional Development Travel Committee supports the Libraries’ vision to ignite curiosity, drive innovation, and promote intellectual exchange within our diverse global learning community by providing and facilitating a professional development process that makes travel processing easier for library employees, delivering timely reimbursements, and providing a record that is easily accessible for information and documentation.

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Directives and Procedures

Foreign Travel Registration – REQUIRED for foreign travel


Megan M. Daly

Members (Fiscal Year 2022-2023)

  • Carlson, Jeremiah C.
  • Digby, Cynthia
  • Eubanks, Lori
  • Hofer, Jennifer
  • Jewett, Vanessa
  • Margjoni, Raimonda
  • Marion, Laura

All questions should be directed to the Professional Development Travel Committee’s email:

Requesting Travel Funds

The Travel Funding Request Form is updated yearly based on suggestions from the Professional Development Travel Committee and the George A. Smathers Libraries Deans. Here is a PDF version of this year’s form to look at before filling out the DocuSign form below. Click the link below to begin filling out your travel funding request through DocuSign.

Professional Development Travel (PDT) Funding Request 2022-2023

Requesting Research Travel

Here is a PDF version of this year’s form to look at before filling out the DocuSign form below. Click the link below to begin filling out your research funding request through DocuSign.

Research Funding Request Application 2022-2023

Travel Authorization

Travel authorizations are now done via the Libraries Online Travel System (LOTS). This system is used to submit upcoming travel information such as dates of travel and estimated cost. Failure to fill out a travel authorization could mean loss of funding. LOTS can be accessed here:

**If you are traveling with Official Business funding, do not use the travel system.


Expenses occurred while traveling are reimbursed up to the amount specified in your funding allocation from the Professional Development Travel Committee. All receipts must be submitted using the Libraries Online Travel System (LOTS). Upon signing in with your gatorlink username and password, please click on the Upload Receipts button.

Please review the University’s Travel Brochure to determine what receipts are required for reimbursement as well as per diem and mileage amounts.

International Travel

All employees traveling internationally (including Canada and Mexico) are required to register through the TeamAssist program at UF’s International Center –

Fiscal Services will not authorize travel unless you have registered with TeamAssist and UF’s International Center.

If you are traveling on university business using grant funds, you must follow a “FLY America Act” for airfare purchase.

Country-Specific Regulations:

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When preparing the Travel Expense Report, amounts will be entered in U.S. dollars. If receipts are in a foreign language and currency, each item should be identified and the rate of exchange for conversion to U.S. dollars (USD) should be noted. The applicable USD exchange rates are those rates which are in effect the day the transaction occurs, for example the day a hotel bill is paid.

Fiscal Services travel page.