Usability Committee

Committee Type


Committee Charge

Conduct qualitative and quantitative assessment, proactively gather input from users through usability studies and maintains best practices/policies that ensure web interfaces provide an optimal user experience in keeping with the Libraries mission, vision and values. The committee develops annual key priorities in collaboration with the Library Technology Services department; conducts any usability or user experience data required; reports on studies and makes recommendations;  advises in development of style guides for websites in keeping with UF web policies but with library-centric focus; and, develop a year-end summary of progress made with recommendations for future needs.


Appointment mechanism: Members will be appointed by the committee chair and approved by the Assistant Dean of Assessment and Student Engagement.

Composition: Membership should include 6-8 individuals, one of whom is the immediate past chair, one member of the LTS department (Ex-Officio), and one member of the Assessment & User Experience Program. Others will be determined by discussion with the Joint Chairs.

Term Length: Members serve one-year terms, with the exception of the chair. If a member resigns and the chair will appoint an interim member to complete the term.

Ex-Officio members: The LTS Department staff will be selected by the Senior Director for LTS.

Committee Chair

Selection process: The committee is chaired by a member of the Assessment & User Experience program.


Assembly schedule: Meetings are convened at the discretion of the Chair and will meet when requested to do so by the committee Chairs.       

Quorum: A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the committee members.


Deliverable: The committee will also deliver a year-end report to the Assistant Dean of Assessment and Student Engagement and to Joint Chairs on progress made and future needs.

First-year membership

  • Laura Spears, Assessment & User Experience – Chair
  • Laurie Taylor, Library Technology Services – Ex-officio
  • Amy Buhler, Marston Science Library
  • Hannah Norton, Health Science Center Library
  • Lisa Campbell, Information Literacy, Library West
  • David Carnell, Assessment & User Experience
  • Moxy Moczygemba, Library Administration/Social Media

Current year priorities

Phase 1: Deliver report and initial list of recommendations by December 22, 2020.

  • Identify key priorities for website review using existing data including Google Analytics, Ask-A-Librarian, staff/faculty needs assessment and an ongoing environmental scan;
  • Develop quick but multi-layer usability testing for identified priorities;
  • Report on findings of website review/make recommendations;

Phase 2: Deliver report and subsequent recommendations by April 15

  • Report on best practices and policies based on environment scan and review of the literature/make recommendations; and,
  • Support LTS efforts at creating style guides, reviewing and revising existing.

Phase 3: Deliver recommendations for sustaining activities of the Usability Committee