Undergraduate Internship Committee

Program Name: Smathers Undergraduate Internship Program

Committee Name: Undergraduate Internship Committee

Email: LibraryUndergradInternship@ad.ufl.edu

Program LibGuide: https://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/SUIP

Members: Committee members will be staff and faculty in the Libraries who supervise and mentor student workers, with emphasis on those who have nominated students for internships or past fellowships. Members will serve staggered terms of no less than two years.

  • Departmental Libraries: Adam Chalmers (member since 2022; co-chair 2023 – 2024)
  • Faculty: Ginessa Mahar (member since 2022)
  • Governor’s House: Laura Marion (member since 2024)
  • Health Science Center Libraries: Carl Moritz (member since 2024)
  • Human Resources: Joe Piazza (ex-officio)
  • Library West: Kelly Handy (member since 2021; co-chair 2022 – 2024)
  • Marston Science Library: Joanna Tuskey (member since 2022)
  • Student Success Program: Jasmine Simmons (ex-officio)

Terms begin on July 1.  The membership selects a chair or co-chairs for each year at the first meeting following the beginning of new terms.

Description of Responsibilities: 

The Undergraduate Internship Committee is charged to support the Smathers Undergraduate Internship Program. Specific advisory and operational activities include: 

  • Maintain broad awareness of the program: program announcements via email, and presentations (e.g., Town Halls); 
  • Field and respond to questions about nomination process from interested parties; 
  • Review and rating of proposals, and make award recommendations to the Dean of University Libraries; 
  • For awards: 
    • Meet with Internship Directors to aid them in meeting the requirements of the program; 
    • Share information on planned internships with All Smathers Libraries employees
    • Monitor status of awarded Interns to ensure optimal support for Interns, Internship Directors, and collaborators; 
  • Maintain documentation on committee proceedings, award internships, and exceptional experiences; 
  • Regularly assess and consider improvements to the Program to ensure it delivers effectively on its purpose.  

Val Minson, Associate Dean of Academic Support Services and Chair of Marston Science Library, liaises with this group on an ongoing basis to support its work and ensure best outcomes for all stakeholders. 

Revision: April 2024