TSS Alma Learning Community and Working Group, Charge

TSS Alma Learning Community and Working Group, Charge

The TSS Alma Learning Community and Working Group will develop collaborations, practice, and community to enable optimal use of Alma for activities and workflows within Technology and Support Services, to best support library operations and patrons.

Description of Responsibilities:

  • Hold monthly meetings where members share on new learnings, questions/needs, workflows, and resources related to Alma for work in TSS
  • Distilling and routing needs to other committees (e.g., directing needs to Library User Resources Discovery Committee)
  • Act as a resource for other groups for areas that fall within the expertise of this group to determine solutions
  • Collaborate to create Rapid Response Teams and Task Forces focused on specific needs, as applicable
  • Provide a supportive learning environment for sharing and learning Alma
  • Provide a venue for overall community building in relation to Alma, for needs and team skill/capacity development
  • Identify peer institutions for collaboration
  • Conduct research to grow understanding of resources and connections with others (e.g., BTAA)
  • Improve communication within the Libraries and with FLVC, across areas/needs
  • Learn about APIs and options (e.g., https://journal.code4lib.org/articles/16597)
  • Share on resources like Master Classes, and identifying employees for specific Master Classes and other trainings, as well as for sharing out on professional development
  • Annually or more frequently for specific projects or needs, the Co-Chairs and Ex Officio representatives will collaborate with the group to provide an update or report on activities and findings

Community Members:

  • Conveners and note-takers: Selected each meeting
  • Todd Digby
  • Chelsea Dinsmore
  • Sheri Edwards
  • Erin Gallagher
  • Jason Heckathorn
  • Chelsea Johnston
  • Xiaoli Ma
  • Raimonda Margjoni
  • Lily Pang
  • Tabby Pursley
  • Christy Shorey
  • Laura Spears
  • Nathan St. Croix
  • Dave Van Kleeck
  • Hank Young
  • Ex officio: Ben Walker

Standing Agenda

  • Meeting set up
    • Determine notetaker for that meeting
    • Determine facilitator
  • Discussions on:
    • Questions or needs?
    • New learning share and tell
    • Projects that may impact other areas
    • Communication from the FLVC community (includes Alma new releases news, each month)
  • Other discussion