Student Success Taskforce

The Student Success Taskforce is charged with planning, implementation and evaluation of library initiatives and outreach programs that help the Libraries meet the needs of undergraduate student communities, including first generation, first-year, transfer, veteran, student parents, online or distance learners, international students, student organizations, and more.  

The task force activities should both connect to the work of the subject liaisons and be informed by student assessment data to better understand student needs and perceptions of what resources and services the student feels is important for their success.   

Meeting frequency: The Task Force will meet once a month or more frequently as deemed necessary. Task Force membership may be relatively set with some adjustments every few years, but Co-Chairs will be selected by the team on a two-year cycle.  

The task force responsibilities include: 

  • Annually prioritize efforts of a community of students to support with the goal of developing resources and infrastructure that can be utilized in future years.  
  • Build a network of campus partners (UF support units, programs, and student organizations) to better reach the student population and increase the libraries awareness through potential participation in outreach (e.g., tabling) opportunities and co-hosting workshops and events. Some potential campus partners would include: Career Resource Center, Field and Fork, UFIC, DRC, UF Student Success, UF Online, MFOS, UF Promise, IFAS Extension, etc. 
  • Establish an outreach or marketing plan for the focus community and identify and market services, people, collections, instructions, workshops, technologies, spaces, etc. that would be of interest. 


The task force reports to the Associate Dean of Academic Support Services and Chair of Marston Science Library.

Charge last updated February 2024.