SOURCE Magazine Editorial Collective

SOURCE is a publication from the LibraryPress@UF with two issues per year (generally August and February). SOURCE offers the reader an opportunity to view remarkable materials from our collections, learn about our innovative research and collaborations, and explore highlights of exceptional faculty and student services provided by the Smathers Libraries.

The Editorial Collective for SOURCE Magazine is charged with setting the broad direction for SOURCE. Members of the Editorial Collective undertake core work:

  • Solicit articles and contributions to SOURCE
  • Review proposals for submissions following the criteria for story selection
  • Participate in two virtual meetings per year (late October and early April) to discuss SOURCE

Criteria for Story Selection

  • Enduring relevance (timelessness quality in that they are always interesting, not like a newsletter)
  • Speaks to libraries and transformative collaboration
  • Speaks to libraries and DEI
  • Centering student voices, as opportunity for students to do publishing and about student work (internships, other)


  • LibraryPress@UF Editor-in-Chief sends regular calls for pitches
  • Editorial Collective reviews pitches, following the criteria for selection, and invites articles.
  • Authors submit full articles using the Open Journal System software (OJS) for the process.
  • The LibraryPress@UF team in the Digital Partnerships & Strategies Department supports development of each issue, including liaising with contributors, design by the LibraryPress@UF Designer and Coordinator, copyediting, and coordination for promotion post-publication.
  • As soon as a new issue is ready, the Editor-in-Chief emails all on the Collective, pre-official launch. For meetings: the Editor-in-Chief of the LibraryPress@UF schedules meeting, prepares agendas, and ensures notetaking and information dissemination.

Editorial Collective Members and Roles

The Editorial Collective serves in an advisory capacity, reporting to the Dean of University Libraries, who is the Director of the LibraryPress@UF. Members of the Editorial Collective represent a diversity of areas and roles, with representation from staff and faculty. Additionally, members of the LibraryPress@UF team, the Director of Communications, and the Curator for Book Arts serve in ex officio capacities.

The group meets virtually two times a year (generally late October and early April), and reviews contribution pitches via email.

Representatives make a commitment to serve for two years.

  • Members 2021-2023:
    • Lauren Adkins, Pharmacy Librarian
    • April Hines, Journalism Librarian
    • Ellen Knudson, Curator of the Book Arts Collection
    • Suzanne Stapleton, Agricultural Sciences and Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • LibraryPress@UF Editorial staff representatives:
    • Laurie Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of the LibraryPress@UF
    • Chelsea Johnston, member of the LibraryPress@UF team
    • Tracy MacKay-Ratliff, LibraryPress@UF Designer and Coordinator
  • Administrative representatives:
    • Judith C. Russell, Director of the LibraryPress@UF
    • Alex Avelino,┬áDirector of Communications