Library User Resources Discovery Committee

This committee starts Dec. 8, 2021.

Library User Resources Discovery Committee

This Committee is charged to ensure that core systems (e.g., Primo for the library catalog and federated search, and UFDC and related portals for digital collections) support users, with always a user-first perspective. This Committee works to enable the Libraries to be optimally responsive to, support, and meet accessibility and usability norms for web systems, especially for core systems including the catalog, federated search, and digital collections. The committee is comprised of public services representatives, with technical services representatives with operational responsibilities for these public-facing systems. Along with other relevant work as needed, this committee is responsible for:

  • Representing users (external and internal) for system needs as it relates to how these are used for public usage, to improve and validate system operations and priorities
  • Communicating with other core public service groups, including Branch Chairs and Ask A Librarian, as well as broadly across the Libraries on system operations and changes
  • Creating and contributing to scripts and FAQs for systems, to support internal users in supporting external users
  • Providing feedback and informing priorities for system enhancements for user needs (always as complementing and balanced with needs that support systems being operational and maintainable)
  • Collaborating and supporting the Usability Task Force, which works as focused on project-based needs (e.g., work on the ARPA grant for the new Florida Digital Newspaper Library in 2021)

The Committee will review and provide recommendations for improving services and resources for our patrons related to these systems. The Committee will strive to ensure consistency and excellence throughout public services in regards to these systems.

This Committee will also…

  • Ensure supporting FAQs and webpages are findable and ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Assist in providing specialized library instruction, workshops, orientations structured for those providing public services for these systems.
  • Collaborate with other departments across campus to provide and cross-promote services and resources.
  • Explore, via a structured environmental scan process, new or changed functions and services to make evidence-based recommendations to the Libraries for any changes to technologies and practices.
  • Examine our peer institutions to ensure we provide our patrons with appropriate and consistent offerings in regards to our web systems, as they integrate with systems and operations to best support users.



  • Todd Digby (Library Technology Services)

Membership: (Pending)

  • Assessment: Laura Spears
  • Reference/Newspapers: Melissa Jerome
  • Marston: Tara Cataldo
  • HSCL: Greg Clayton
  • HSCL: Chuck Robertson
  • Library West: Michael Dietz
  • SASC: Caleb Del Rio
  • SASC: Jim Cusick
  • Cataloging: Beatriz Lugo
  • Acquisitions: Jason Heckathorn