Library Day of Service Committee


The George A. Smathers Libraries is committed to inspiring team building and employee pride by connecting library staff to meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community, providing rewarding and unifying experiences that will help strengthen bonds and bring members closer together in shared public service, and addressing real community needs that make an impact. 

The UF Libraries believe in the value of contributing to the success and health of our communities. This mission ties into goal #5 of the University of Florida Goal Setting Task Force Final Report, “A strengthened public engagement of the university’s programs with local, national, and international communities” through increased outreach with the environment and community through engagement in community service.  


This Committee’s purpose is to foster meaningful community service-based team building by providing real-life experiences that motivate employees. Community-based team building events have a proven track record of developing team cohesion, staff morale, and motivation while making a substantial contribution within the community. By providing staff the collegial support to participate in community development, this Committee will facilitate volunteer opportunities that have the potential to enhance communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving through real-life situations. 


The Committee is responsible for: 

  • Developing stronger professional relationships and inter-departmental teams through mutual volunteer opportunities in the local community 
  • Providing volunteer opportunities for library staff with limited mobility 
  • Providing volunteer opportunities that: 
  • Support diversity and equity within our local community 
  • Have a strong impact on the Gainesville and Alachua communities 
  • Elevate employee pride and motivation 
  • Provide employees with a fun and rewarding experience 
  • Bridge the gap between business and communities 


Membership from all divisions of the Libraries is encouraged. Members serve for three year terms. The committee members select a chair at the beginning of the planning cycle each year.

  • Lauren Adkins
  • Danielle Johnson
  • Tabby Pursley
  • Suzanne Stapleton, Chair
  • Ashley Vaught