Information Literacy Committee

Library Instruction Guide

For information on recording statistics, embedding in Canvas, and instructional resources, visit the Library Instruction Guide.

Committee Charge

This Committee is charged with building upon our demonstrated commitment to innovative instruction and developing methods for expanding the reach of information literacy instruction across the UF curriculum. Instruction is a key component of the libraries’ mission. To continue and improve this effort the libraries must explore new ways of providing instruction in order to support graduate and undergraduate learners, both on campus and off.

The Information Literacy Committee develops goals in the following areas in regard to information literacy instruction:

  • Canvas and online instruction
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Communication and outreach
  • Professional development and support


The Committee oversees the Alice Primack Library Instruction Endowment.


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Current Goals

The Committee is currently working on the following goals:

  • Develop institution specific information literacy learning outcomes that can be applied across the curriculum.

Goals Achieved

The following goals have been achieved since the committee was charged in January 2018:

  • Create video tutorials to highlight important features of the new website.
  • Created a library instruction page on the new library website.
  • Conducted usability tests to support the web team in the design of the new website.
  • Designed an accessible, inclusive, and multimodal library research guide that is integrated into the learning management system at UF. 
  • Created the librarian role and supported the LibGuide integration in Canvas to support courses with online content and distance learning.
  • Provided an internship opportunity for an online instructional design grad student to further develop the online support for students.
  • Communicated librarian role and LibGuide integration to librarians, instructional designers, and faculty through workshops, online guides, and presentations.
  • Identified, recommended, and lead library instruction training opportunities on the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education and inclusive teaching.
  • Updated instruction and workshops page to highlight and facilitate information literacy instruction services.
  • Developed new procedures and form for the meaningful, timely, and efficient collection of instruction statistics.

The Information Literacy Committee reports to Valrie Minson, Associate Dean for Academic Support Services.