Graduate Internship Program Committee

Committee Charge & Membership

Members:  Internship Program Committee members for the Smathers Graduate Student Internship Program will be faculty selected from the Libraries and academic units. Members will serve staggered terms of no less than one year.

Description of Committee Responsibilities

The Graduate Internship Program Committee is charged to support the Smathers Graduate Student Internship Program, which gives library employees the opportunity to pursue collaborative and mutually beneficial projects with the support of graduate students and academic departments across campus. Specific advisory and operational activities include:

  • Review and rating of proposals and recommendations to the Dean of University Libraries
  • Define components for successful internships and educational experiences in support of scholarly inquiry alongside professional development;
  • Establish and follow procedures for periodic reporting and review of internships to ensure optimal support for Interns, Internship Directors, and collaborators;
  • Regularly assess and consider improvements to the Program to ensure it delivers effectively on its purpose;
  • Consult with Director of Graduate Studies in academic units or other subject experts for additional expertise as needed to support and assess internship proposals.

Committee Members

  • Maggie Ansell (2019-2022; Chair, 2022-present)
  • Rachael Elrod (2019-present)
  • Hélène Huet (2023 – present)
  • Carol McAuliffe (2021-present)
  • Aida Miró-Herrans (2021-present)
  • Natercia Valle (2023 – present)

Email all committee members:

The Graduate Internship Program Committee reports to Valrie Minson, Associate Dean for Academic Support Services.

Program Resources

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