Nominees and Previous Recipients of the Library Excellence Awards

2020 Nominees

Behind the Scenes – Groups

  • Facilities Planning Dept. – for outstanding assistance helping staff and reconfiguring buildings to adjust to COVID-19
  • Library Technology (IT) – for setting up remote work and for diligent completion of our web migration
  • Access Support, Acquisitions, and Scholarly Communications – for opening patron access to electronic resources
  • Matthew Daley and Gus Clifton – for their work and help in guiding everyone through web migration

Behind the Scenes – Individuals

  • Michael Dietz – for his leadership in helping colleagues adjust to working under COVID
  • Sakuna Saengow – for creating and coordinating the book pick-up service
  • Matthew Daley – for carefully identifying older library web pages and incorporating them into web migration
  • Anne-Marie Hollingshead – for her dedication to helping staff with honoraria, travel, and other fiscal needs
  • Larisa Dumich – for her onsite work during home shelter scanning and fulfilling ILL requests in Health Sciences during a time of great need
  • Jennifer Farrington – for her scanning of needed materials from Special & Area Studies Collections (4,000+ pages) during COVID
  • Ashley Monahan – for increasing the speed of document delivery and for the design of the Access and Resource Sharing website
  • Moxy Moczygemba – for addressing student and research needs and outreach through social media

Customer Service

  • Human Resources – for guiding staff into a smooth transition to remote work
  • Library West Summer Door-Side Pick-Up Team (Lisa Bailey , Katiana Bague, Ashley Beard, Elizabeth Carr, Kyle Chamblee, Michael Dietz, Tiffany Esteban, Robin Haskins, Paulina Kalantarov, Tram Lai, Victoria Miller, Sakuna Saengow, Scott Sills, Kestrel Ward, Debra Woodward, Ashley Vaught) – for ensuring that patrons could obtain materials during a time of limited access to the libraries
  • Facilities Planning Dept. – for outstanding dedication to adapting operations and creating staff work places in response to COVID
  • Larisa Dumich– in recognition of handling phone reference, scanning, and ILL patron needs at Health Sciences throughout the home shelter period
  • Paul McDonough – for his dedicated service to patron requests and coordination of more than 20,000 requests for course reserve materials
  • Colleen Seale – in recognition from her colleagues for her leadership and mentoring in the libraries

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Website Team (Gus Clifton, Matthew Daley, and Will Chaney) – for re-designing the Libraries websites to incorporate best practices for accessibility by all users
  • Climate Quality Advisory Team (Jason Heckathorn, Trey Shelton, Bonnie Smith, and Laura Spears) – for support of positive organizational change and for discussion across the Libraries about steps forward
  • Laurie Taylor – for advocacy and promotion of inclusiveness
  • Hao Ye – for drafting the HSCL’s Statement on Systemic Racism and Injustice and for his advocacy in confronting racism


  • Library Technology (IT) – for problem-solving our needs for remote work, web migration, and IT adaptations to re-opening the Libraries
  • Janice Dees and Brittany Kester – for creative adaptation of remote work in social media, creating new children’s content, and improvement of metadata on YA literature at the Education Library
  • Michael Dietz, Ashley Vaught, and Kyle Chamblee – for streamlining the review and relocation the Library West Oversize Collection
  • Practicing Kindness Team (Perry Collins, Twanna Hodge, Chelsea Johnston, Bob Lockwood, Tracy MacKay-Ratliff, Hannah Norton, Ariel Pomputius, Terry Selfe, Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Laurie Taylor, Michele Tennant) – for bringing our library community together through programming, safe spaces, and team-building activities
  • Christine Yip – for spear-heading the re-opening of the Marston Science Library
  • Randell Duggins – for developing and producing protective equipment for the Libraries, UF researchers, Shands, VA and NFRMC hospitals.
  • Joe Piazza – for guiding staff smoothly through the remote work process

Instruction & Training

  • Rules on Masking and Social Distancing Team (Katiana Bagué, Greg Clayton, Janice Dees, Michael Dietz, Cynthia Digby, Jennifer Farrington, Chloe Hough, Keith Manuel, Victoria Miller, Sakuna Saengow, Joanna Tuskey, Michele Wilbanks, Christine Yip) – for overseeing safety protocols for re-opening of the Libraries
  • Health Science Center Libraries Faculty –for transitioning to online workshops and offering double the usual number in order to meet the needs of faculty, graduate students and professionals in Summer and Spring 2020
  • Twanna Hodge – for leadership in critical community building work, building and fostering trust, mentoring, and advancing the Libraries’ resources and services to be inclusive and welcoming
  • Ann Baird – for outstanding outreach and teaching to 80+ first-year majors in Design, Construction & Planning
  • Robin Fowler – for mentoring and training of 45 additional librarians and supervision of an expanded Smathers’ Ask-A-Librarian service, now meeting the highest number of requests in the state
  • Michelle Leonard – for hosting UF Research 2020 Summer Seminar Series: Research Integrity and the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) (22 sessions and 300 registrants)


  • Michael Dietz, Christine Yip, Sakuna Saengow – for overseeing plans on how to re-open the Libraries in Fall Semester
  • Practicing Kindness in Crisis web series and digital book (Perry Collins, Twanna Hodge, Tracy MacKay-Ratliff, and Chelsea Johnston) – for leadership in ways to express compassion towards ourselves and each other, to be a supportive community
  • Cross COVID LibGuide Team (Margaret Ansell, Stephanie Birch, Lisa Campbell, Mary Edwards, Twanna Hodge, Ginessa Mahar, Michelle Nolan, Hannah Norton, Nancy Schaefer) – for creation of a COVID-19 guide that is now one of the information resources that UF Health recommends to those that have been exposed to COVID.
  • Fall Festival Committee (Robin Fowler, co-chair; Sara Gonzalez, co-chair; Valerie Minson; Jeanne Ewert; Pauline Bickford-Duane; Anne Baird; Hao Ye; Alexandrea Glenn; Barbara Hood; Safraz Sattaur; Moxy Moczygemba; Twanna Hodge; Jennifer Farrington; Neil Weijer; Sarah Coates; Scott Sills; Matthew Daley) – for the success of the virtual Festival that garnered 1,400 visits from the UF community
  • Health Science Center Libraries (Jane Morgan-Daniel, Lauren Adkins, Margaret Ansell, Susan Harnett, Melissa Rethlefsen) – for public service to Okeechobee County through its program for “Facilitating Rural Access to Quality Health Information through Little Free Libraries”

2019 Recipients

Michael Dietz

Customer Service
Robert (Bob) Lockwood

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Individual)
Margarita Vargas-Betancourt

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Group)
HSCL Diversity & Inclusion Team (Lead:  Jane Morgan-Daniel; Members: Lauren Adkins, Greg Clayton, Matthew Daley, Mary Edwards, Chloe Hough, Hannah Norton, Garfield Simmons, Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Michele Tennant)

Raimonda Margjoni and Michelle McClure

Instruction & Training
Suzan Alteri

Nancy Schaefer and Sara Meyer


  • Misty Colson
  • Tracy MacKay-Ratliff
  • Bill Hanssen
  • Brianne Nilsen
  • Michael Dietz
  • Laurie Perry
  • Christine Yip
  • Sarah Coates
  • Lori Eubanks
  • Library Technology Service department’s Enterprise and Support Unit (Evan Wack, Cynthia Bowker, Donald David, Debra Fetzer, Patricia Ruwell, John Thrasher, and Mike Tyler)

Customer Service

  • Brianne Nilsen
  • Perry Collins
  • Steve Hersch
  • Chelsea Johnston
  • HR Department (Brian Keith, Bonnie Smith, Joe Piazza, Tina Litchfield, Danielle Sessions, Cynthia Digby)
  • Bob Lockwood
  • Barrett Uhler

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Margarita Vargas Betancourt
  • HSCL Diversity & Inclusion Team (Lead: Jane Morgan-Daniel; Members: Lauren Adkins, Greg Clayton, Matthew Daley, Mary Edwards, Chloe Hough, Hannah Norton, Garfield Simmons, Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Michele Tennant)


  • Sarah Meyer
  • Sarah “Moxy” Moczygemba
  • Shelia DeRoche
  • Ernie Williams and Jean Bossart
  • Raimonda Margjoni and Michelle McClure
  • Janice Dees
  • Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig

Instruction and Training

  • Suzan Alteri
  • Gerald Langford
  • Ariel Pomputius
  • Laurie Taylor & Helene Huet
  • Michael Dietz
  • Haven Hawley, (Women’s Studies liaison), Paul McDonough, and Alyssa Zucker (undergraduate coordinator/associate chair, Women’s Studies), Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig (history of medicine), Margarita Vargas-Betancourt (iconography and colonization of Mexico), Carol McAuliffe (cartography), Suzan Alteri (science education for children), Florence Turcotte (Zora Neale Hurston as anthropologist), Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler (knowledge creation in museums), Barrett Uhler (curatorial assistance) Valrie Minson, Stephanie Birch


  • Laurie Taylor and Hélène Huet
  • Michelle Leonard, Sam Putnam, and Melody Royster
  • Digital Resource Showcase (by Melissa Jerome, with Stephanie Birch, Lisa Campbell, April Hines, Hélène  Huet, and Sarah “Moxy” Moczygemba)
  • Nancy Schaefer and Sarah Meyer