Winter Celebration Committee


To plan and coordinate the Holidays Party, a staff appreciation event that provides an opportunity for staff in Smathers Libraries to celebrate the holiday season with co-workers. Includes the following tasks: scheduling event, ordering and purchasing food (and/or soliciting food), purchasing supplies (incl. paper products, decorations), publicizing event, decorating, setup and cleanup, and organizing charitable donation drive.


Includes staff from all divisions and the Director of Communications serves as an ex-officio member. The division members serve two year terms with members rotating on and off each year. The committee members select a chair at the beginning of the planning cycle each year.


  • Ilana Abend-David (Cataloging)
  • Verna Bedford (Acquisitions)
  • Cynthia Bowker (IT)
  • Alexis Charnas (Digital Support Services)
  • Shelia DeRoche (Digital Support Services)
  • Joanne Endorf (Access and Resource Sharing)
  • Beatriz Lugo (Cataloging)
  • Victoria Miller (Access Services)
  • Christy Shorey (Access and Resource Sharing)
  • Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig (HSCL)
  • Jun Tolentino (Facilities)
  • Joanna Tuskey (MSL)
  • Barret Uhler (MSL)
  • Kestrel Ward (AFA)
  • Hank Young (Cataloging)
  • Beth Zavoyski (Acquisitions)
  • Tina Marie Litchfield (HR)
  • Barbara Hood (Admin)

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Employee Recognition Committee

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