Disaster & Emergency Plan Committee

Please also see the Disaster and Emergency Management resource guide.

Charge: Update and document Disaster and Emergency plans for the Library’s IT, facility, collection and human resources within the context of the University’s Emergency Management Plan. Revamp and replace the Library’s current Security & Disaster Procedures with a Library Emergency Management Plan. This should include the Library’s plan for continuity of operations in the case of emergency, including communications plans, expanding on the Emergency Procedures, Contacts & Telephone Numbers to note the pocket card distribution and to note a communication tree for emergencies. Also include documentation of emergency supplies management.


Peter Miller


  • Margaret Ansell
  • Adam Chalmers
  • Chandler Davis
  • Micheal Dietz
  • Cynthia Digby
  • Christopher Eaton
  • Jennifer Farrington
  •  CJ Gott
  • Douglas Kiker
  • Christy Shorey