Branch Chairs Committee

Branch Chairs is a standing committee made up of the chairs and associate chairs of the six branch libraries that make up the Smathers Libraries, along with the chair of the Acquisitions and Collections Services Department. The group is convened by the Senior Associate Dean of Scholarly Resources and Services and meets every other week on the first and third Thursdays of the month.


The primary purposes/charge of the group:

  • Gathering input on library-wide initiatives
  • Discussing strategic approaches to branch operations
  • Disseminating information to branch and other personnel in the Libraries
  • Making decisions on branch policies and procedures (with final approval from the deans)


Convener: Patrick Reakes, Senior Associate Dean

Current Members:

  • Library West: Stacey Ewing (Chair), Colleen Seale (Assoc. Chair)
  • Marston Science Library: Val Minson (Asst. Dean and Chair), Melody Royster
  • Special and Area Studies Collections (SASC): Haven Hawley (Chair), Carol McAuliffe (Assoc. Chair), John Nemmers (Program Director)
  • Architecture and Fine Arts Library (AFA): Ann Lindell (Chair, Departmental Libraries and Director, AFA)
  • Education: Rachael Elrod (Associate Chair, Departmental Libraries and Director, Education Library)
  • Health Science Center Library (HSCL): Hannah Norton (Chair) and Mary Edwards (Director, Borland Library)
  • Acquisitions and Collections Services: Erin Gallagher (Chair)