Access and Resource Sharing Steering Team

The Access and Resource Sharing Steering Team is charged with developing, coordinating, and providing procedures and policies for access services. The coordination of access support and circulation procedures within the libraries encourages consistent public services for patrons while standardizing access to information resources library-wide.


The committee will maintain current patron (Web) and staff library policy and practices documentation for access privileges, circulation and borrowing policies, course reserves, Interlibrary loans, and document delivery. In order to ensure up-to-date procedures and policies for staff and patrons, the committee will perform periodic reviews of posted policies and procedures to identify practices that need revision, to add documentation for new processes, and to archive procedures that are no longer in use. The committee will liaise with FLVC staff to resolve concerns regarding the ILS and access services.

As policy and procedural initiatives evolve, the committee will refer patron service suggestions and policy/procedure recommendations to Branch Chairs and Joint Chairs committees for discussion, approval and implementation directives. The committee will be involved in patron service activities such as the following:

  • Maintaining current and accurate policies and procedures to facilitate patron access to library information services
  • Standardizing affiliation levels and access privilege permissions for courtesy and distance learners
  • Standardizing access and services for distance learners and students with disabilities
  • Streamlining problem reporting and service enhancement requests with FLVC
  • Integrating standard practices throughout the library system for ILL and Document Delivery
  • Reviewing public service statistics gathered and reported for various professional surveys


The director works closely with members of its Steering Team, which consist of experienced staff: 4 FTE Library Associates from the department and 8 FTE Library Associates involved in access support management activities in other departments of the Smathers Libraries. The Steering Team members assist the director in developing service initiatives and creating training modules for circulation and resource sharing activities. Through collaboration with the committee and the director, the Access and Resource Sharing Steering Team promotes a cohesive approach to managing access support services throughout the Smathers Libraries.

  • Adam Chalmers – Education Library
  • Gregory Clayton – Health Science Center Library
  • Evie Giaconia – Architecture and Fine Arts Library
  • Kelly Handy – Library West
  • Vanessa Jewett – Marston Science Library
  • Paul Kirk – Special and Areas Studies Collections – Maps
  • Hollyann Kozlowski – Access and Resource Sharing Department
  • Keith Manuel – Special and Area Studies Collections – Latin American and Caribbean Studies Collection
  • Paul McDonough – Access and Resource Sharing Department
  • Mari Meke- Library West
  • Xuan (Lily) Pang – Access and Resource Sharing Department
  • Tabby Pursley – Shared Collections
  • Stacey Ray – Scripps Library
  • Christy Shorey – Access and Resource Sharing Department
  • Garfield Simmons- Borland Library (Health Science Center Library)
  • Christine Yip – Marston Science Library

For additional information, please contact Lily Pang.