Accessibility Advisory Committee

The UF Libraries Accessibility Advisory Committee is charged to ensure the Libraries is responsive to our patrons needing disability accommodation and our policies, services, and resources are up to date, best meet the needs of our patrons as well as the standards set in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The committee is comprised of official Accessibility Liaisons from each of the UF Libraries branches and Legal Information Center, as well as a representative from Access Support, Acquisitions, Facilities, Human Resources, and the Web & Software Development.

The Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) will review the short and long-term recommendations listed in the 2013/14 Services for Students with Disabilities Task Force Assessment. The committee will work to implement as many recommendations as possible and will continually assess the Libraries’ ADA-related policies, services, and resources for our patrons and strive to ensure consistency and excellence throughout the branches.

The Accessibility Advisory Committee will also:

  • Perform a bi-annual review of the ADA webpages of the Libraries and Library Branches to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Assist in providing specialized library instruction, workshops, orientations structured for students with disabilities.
  • Perform outreach to the UF Community with focus on UF Students with disabilities.
  • Promote awareness of available ADA services, resources, and technologies.
  • Assist in providing ADA related training and workshops to all library employees.
  • Collaborate with other departments across campus (e.g. Disability Resource Center, ADA Compliance) to provide and cross-promote services and resources.
  • Explore new ADA technologies, resources, and services and make recommendations to the UF Libraries.
  • Examine ADA policies, resources, and services of our peer institutions to ensure we provide our patrons with comparable offerings in each area.