2022 Nominees for the Library Employee Excellence Awards

Behind the Scenes (Group)

This past year might be called the Great (Library) Migration, in recognition of which we received the following nominations:

  • Alexis Charnas, Dustin Durden, and Cliff Richmond of Digital Development and Digital Services for updating the NDNP processor for ingest of digital newspapers and conversion of microfilmed newspapers to digital formats
  • Evan Wack, Patricia Ruwell, and Cynthia Bowker for migrating our desktop computing environment to the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager system
  • Accounting and Serials Unit; Raimonda Margjoni (unit head), Michelle McClure, Verna Bedford, Laura Feder, and Mark Allender for transferring the library budget into ALMA, maintaining subscriptions and orders, and developing new tools for selectors and fund managers
  • Website Working Group: Michelle McClure, Laura Feder, Eric Gumbayan, April Helena, and Pauline Bickford Cline for creating and launching the new and enhanced Acquisitions website

Behind the Scenes (Individual)

  • Victoria Miller for crucial work ensuring evening hour operation of the Health Sciences Library
  • Bridget Bihm-Manuel for designing and implementing the Florida history bar coding project and inaugurating a new Florida Federal Writers’ Project website
  • Pauline Bickford Cline for contributions to the usability testing of the new library website and overseeing analysis the transcripts of Ask-a-Librarian
  • Tara Cataldo for leadership in collection management in the sciences and processing of the John Ingram book collection on orchids

Customer Service

  • Sakuna Saengow (AFA), Danielle Johnson (MSL), Gus Clifton (LTS), Will Chaney (LTS), and Matthew Daley (LTS) for developing ideas and creating guidelines for the improvement of our LibGuides
  • Greg Krueger for exemplary customer service to the libraries

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Katiana Bague, CJ Gott, Michelle Nolan, Lourdes Santamaria-Wheeler, Barrett Uhler, and Kestrel Ward for the Pride Month exhibit Transcend: Beyond the Gender Binary
  • Hao Ye and Jane Morgan-Daniel for crafting the mission and value statement for the Health Science Library
  • CJ Gott for creativity in designing and producing culturally relevant buttons for students, including Beijing Olympics buttons and Arab-American heritage buttons
  • Betsy Bemis for adding to the inclusiveness of voices and perspectives in the Panama Canal Museum Collection through use of oral history
  • Michelle Nolan for this past year’s services to Chemistry and STEM and supervising a student-built guide to the Smathers Libraries


  • Digital Development Team (Dustin Durden, Doug Gordon, Jeremiah Cummings, Julio Muñoz, and Cliff Richmond) and Digital Services (Laura Perry and Alexis Charnas) for updating the NDNP processor for ingest of digital newspapers and development of the new UFDC, dLOC, and the new Florida Digital Newspaper Library
  • Hao Ye for model work in the field of reproducibility librarianship and assistance to student researchers
  • Matt Kruse for opening access to Special Collections and making the collections discoverable and accessible
  • Jake Goodson for improving the rate at with VIDs can be added to the UF Digital Collections

Instruction and Training

  • Shelia DeRoche and Jake Goodson for the training and assistance they provided to partner institutions in the Digital Library of the Caribbean
  • Information Literacy Committee (Brittany Kester, Natercia Valle, Lisa Campbell, Matthew Daley, Mary Edwards, Neil Weijer, Michelle Nolan, Carol McAuliffe, April Hines, and Alexandrea Glenn for creating new Videos teaching students how to use features of the Libraries, including searching of Primo and use of the VPN
  • Jake Goodson also for training and assistance provided to partner institutions in the Digital Library of the Caribbean
  • Jane Morgan-Daniel for her role in mentoring new faculty
  • Aida Miro Herrans for building in and teaching bioinformatics sessions in university coursework and designing and teaching the course Genomics Research Experience


  • Maggie Ansell, Lauren Adkins, Mary Edwards, Jane Morgan-Daniel, Hannah Norton, and Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig for their COVID-related public health survey looking at vaccine hesitation and creation of vaccine information kits
  • Neil Weijer and Bridget Bihm-Manuel for the Storied Books Project in Special Collections
  • Laura Marion and Casey Wooster for leadership in the creation of Resilience: Black Heritage in St. Augustine, a year-long celebration of the history and culture of Black Americans in St. Augustine, and preparation the exhibit Presence/Erasure: Black History in St. Augustine
  • Tracy MacKay-Ratliff for her design work with Source magazine and as designer and partner in Cuba: Delivering Cuba through the Mail – Cuba’s Presence in Non-Cuban Postage Stamps and Envelopes by Emilio Cueto
  • Jim Liversidge for processing of the Bob Hope Collection and design and hosting of its public events